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Node.js used by 360ithub developers outperforms competing web apps by switching out Web Sockets for robust push technologies. With Node.js, creating online apps with two-way real-time communications is now quite simple. Applications created with this JavaScript language enable the exchange of crucial data between the client and server.

Additionally, our framework makes use of JavaScript, which simplifies the process of creating bespoke web apps that meet business requirements much smoother and simpler. Continue reading to see how this JavaScript framework used by our Node developer in India can revolutionize the web development industry.


The importance of backend development

The backend technology is a crucial consideration for our developers when trying to design a piece of software. This backend technology forms the foundation of the development process, illustrating the overall costs involved and how quickly the team can distribute the program to the market.

Lower maintenance costs are ensured over the long term by our more robust backend technology. The backend technology also affects the software's dependability, scalability, and speed. Therefore, it is clear why backend development is so important to the software development process.

Look at some of the innovative developments that Node.js has brought to the web development industry.


Lightning Quick

Node.js enables our programmers to create highly scalable, quick network applications that can handle a large number of simultaneous connections and high throughput. The V8 virtual computer in Google Chrome has lightning-fast compiling and execution speeds for JavaScript. More intriguingly, Node.js has a thread that does all types of I/O operations asynchronously to speed up the process.



  • Lightweight

    Every call and action in Node.js is essentially a sequence of asynchronous callbacks since it uses an event-driven design. Because of this, it may operate on a single thread, unlike other widely used web application development tools. Naturally, this procedure results in a very lightweight JavaScript language.

  • Better Performance and Smoother Development

    Full-stack JavaScript, in terms of efficiency, is a force multiplier. The ability of the same team to effectively manage the front-end and back-end results in better architecture as well as consistency.

    Additionally, this powerful JavaScript language enables the development of real-time applications utilizing an agile methodology in our company.

    Node.js provides flexibility to our Node developer in India for being creative.They also accesss a huge amount of of resources like Node Package Manager as well as a common library of utilities and modules. The web applications that are created utilizing this framework for web development are also more scalable.

    Among entrepreneurs, this JavaScript framework as used by 360ithub is particularly well-liked. However, this feature-rich web development framework is also used by reputable businesses.


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